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You decided to put on your event for a reason: You need to educate your team. You hope to raise money for your non-profit. You are celebrating marrying the love of your life. Each event has a specific goal and Blue Ridge Event Production works with you to achieve it.



Your relationships with donors are important, and galas are an opportunity to let your donors know that their support is vital. Galas give you a chance to tell your story, and an exciting experience also 

heightens the emotions involved in giving. A successful gala turns guests into donors and allows you to achieve the financial goals needed to execute your mission.

From design to lighting to custom one of a kind themed installations, Blue Ridge Event Production offers a range of services to make your special event a success.



Hosting a special event is an opportunity for company growth and can bring employees together. It can also provide a time and space to introduce new ideas or technology. Our team will help you achieve your specific company goals by making sure your message is properly conveyed.


Virginia is steeped in knowledge, and the schools and universities play a significant role in continually shaping the community. Organizing an event within your school requires a unique set of skills and understanding. Blue Ridge’s vast experience with educational institutions across Virginia can help you throw the best event possible as smoothly as possible.


Hosting a live event or music festival brings about its own set of challenges. The processrequires an understanding of the city, codes, logistics, laws and permits. 


Our knowledgable team not only understands what is required for large scale live events, but also has the experience to make it all happen.

Photo courtesy of Tom Tom Festival


Aaron Watson Photography


We believe that love is in the details, so we work closely with you to think through the design elements of your wedding to make your fairytale dream come to life. We offer full production services,

giving you the peace of mind that all of your many needs are being 

managed by our expert team. That way you never have to miss a single moment.

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